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Standard Features

  • Black polycarbonate base on an extruded aluminium platform for added strength and MKEZ7 permanent mount feet.
  • Wide mounting footprint provides greater stability & weight distribution on the thinner roof construction common on today’s vehicles
  • Service oriented - Easy to change colours, upgrade or service in the field
  • Simply remove four screws to access any section for the lightbar.
  • Replace any light head by removing on screw and single connector
  • Base lightbar contains four corner linear9 Super-Led modules.  The wide-angle design provides optimim 'fend off' protection when views from the side.
  • Cruise Light control with virtually unlimited adjustable intensity levels.
  • An external interface unit, the Wecan Electronic Control Module (ECM), communicates all lightbar operating functions via a 2 conductor, 20 guage cable.  This small cable provides easier overall wiring and lightbar installation.
  • Complete independent "On" or "Off" and independent flash pattern, plus phase control of each individual light head. Four phases for alternating, simultaneous and combo flash patterns.
  • Up to eighteen different programmed warning configurations can be operated using customer supplied switching to each of the eighteen input wires to the ECM. (A default program pre-installed).
  • All functions are programmed easily by a computer via simple "pick & click or drag" screens. Windows based 2000, XP or later operating system required. USB input to the ECM from PC or laptop makes programming easy.
  • Standard lightbar with 4 corner Linear9 Super-Led modules draws only 2.8 amp.
  • E11 Marked

Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty

Model Lights Bars

Justice 24V Amber Lightbar/29"


Chevron Kits Justice 24V Amber Lightbar/29"

29" Justice 4 x Corner Ambers 24v with Amber Lens

  • Product Code: Lights Bars
Availability:  Made to Order
Made to order parts may take 1 - 2 days to produce
  • £820.31

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