Frequently Asked Questions

The materials are manufactured by 3M Diamond Grade Red 4092 Premium Grade, Rennicks ULX 600 Chapter 8 Grade and Orafal such as Fluorescent Yellow , which has an adhesive that is removable for up to two years, and Engineering Grade Red Oralite series Red, Blue and Green, which has a permanent adhesive and an exterior life of around 3 – 5 years.

Specification sheets covering all materials are available on request.

The standard Chapter 8 legislation asks for Fluorescent Yellow (Dayglow) which is non-reflective and a reflective red. The reflective red can be engineering grade which has no pattern and a Class 1, High Intensity which has a distinct black line pattern and then the Prismatic which is used by the Emergency Services and is a Grade 2 reflective.

A drawing accompanies each kit and the chevrons are supplied as panels of Fluorescent Yellow with Red Reflective chevrons lossely applied onto the yellow with masking tape and each section is numbered. There is an option to have the kit supplied in 150mm strips, which are loosely taped together – our DIY version and there is a saving choosing this product.

Application instructions are enclosed with each kit but on receipt of your kit you should first check in order to ascertain that nothing is missing. In the unlikely event that a part is missing please advise us immediately, preferably in writing.

Thoroughly clean and dry the area to be covered with water with a small amount of detergent and preferably when dry degrease using the chemical ISOPROPANOL please do not use Methylated Spirits because we have found that this leaves a barrier between the surface and the adhesive on the reverse side of the vinyl.

Without removing the backing paper place the chevrons in the correct place on the rear of the vehicle and adhere the sections using masking tape.

When you are satisfied that everything is in the right place remove the backing paper off a section and carefully press it firmly on the surface of the vehicle using the plastic applicator supplied. Continue carefully until each section has been applied. If you wish to reposition a section carefully lift the Yellow material remove it and reapply it in the correct position.

If you are very nervous at applying the material fill a small garden spray can with lightly soaped water and spry lightly the area to be covered and the adhesive on the rear of the chevron. You will then find that the material can be easily slid into the correct position. You must ensure that all of the excess water is squeezed out between the vinyl and the vehicle. The vehicle must be left for at least 24 hours to allow for all moisture to dry out; failure to do this will result in the chevrons blowing off should you encounter wind and rain.

None at all but we would recommend that hands are washed after application and of course none of the materials are edible.

We would always recommend that application takes place indoors with an ambient temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius, under no circumstances attempt to apply the chevrons in temperatures below 3 degrees Celsius because the adhesive will take around 24 hours to harden. Chevrons can be applied out doors provided the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius and it is not raining.

Yes but work will not start on your order until the bank has cleared your cheque, this can take 6/10 days. If you are local to us it is also possible to pay by cash.

We use the services of a national carrier which offers an hour timeslot, the product is packed between sheets of cardboard which gives ample protection during transit. The choice of service and cost is shown in our terms of business.

You advise us which section are required and we will forward replacement sections normally within a 72 hour period, there is a small charge for this service and of course cost of carriage.

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Please note if ordered incorrectly we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds on any of our kits.