Be Seen, Be Safe

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It’s dark. The road is wet and narrow. What difference do conspicuity markings make to your workforce and to the general public?

In Britain today, up to a third of grave traffic accidents involve someone using a vehicle for work. That’s a third of all accidents which can be prevented with the right information and accident prevention.

Chapter 8 of the Department for Transport Traffic Signs Manual is all about protecting workers and vehicles that have to work on high speed roads, although it recommends the same specifications be used for works vehicles on all types of highway irrespective of speed limit.

This states that:

Any vehicle stopping on high speed high roads for works purposes or inspections shall be equipped with high visibility rear markings of a specific shape and material.

Any vehicle stopping on the highway for work purposes must be of a conspicuous colour.

Any vehicle used to protect the workforce or form part of the signing of the works should be of conspicuous colour and carry appropriate markings.

If you own, operate, sell or service any goods vehicle over 7.5 tonnes or trailers over 3.5 tonnes then you need to know about ECE104. Declared mandatory since July 2011, and introduced in a number of European countries, ECE104 is a regulation that establishes guidelines for the use of retro-reflective safety markings on heavy goods vehicles operating on our roads.

Conspicuity markings help reduce accidents by increasing the visibility of vehicles. It saves lives and your company against potential legal action related to third party safety. is the specialist division of Bluelite Graphics, a vehicle livery design company that is the market leader in the supply of high visibility livery and markings to emergency services and other highway users who have a need to be visible on Britain’s busy road network. helps you meet the regulatory requirements of ECE104. This expertise is available online to local and national government and their agencies—in fact any organisational company that operates vehicles commercially. Through, you can access and select hundreds of different vehicle templates which will be produced with the right materials through high-precision machines.

A helpline is also available should you encounter any kind of problem or simply find out something you can’t find online. helps you to be visible, not vulnerable.

At always we like to say: Be seen. Be safe.